Volume 32
Issue 1
Fall 2009



Call for Papers:
2009 AAR Meeting in Montréal

We welcome proposals on the following themes:

  1. Psychological and religious reflections on schisms (exploring causes and/or effects of ideological division and conflicting loyalties on persons and institutions);
  2. Freud, Jung, and the problem of religion - 100 years of psychoanalysis in North America (developments in psychology since Freud and Jung’s historic visit to Clark University); and
  3. French psychoanalysis and interpretations of religion and culture (Jacques Lacan, Luce Irigaray, Julia Kristeva, etc.).

We also invite proposals for a cosponsorship with the Cognitive Science of Religion Consultation on the issues of technology, human development, and transhuman experience. Proposals on other themes dealing with psychology, culture, and religion are welcome.

Method of Proposal Submission:

The Annual Meeting will take place November 7-10, 2009 in Montréal, Canada


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New Steering Committee and Chairs

Last November, at the AAR in Chicago, the inevitable happened: Pam Cooper-White and Kathleen Bishop had to step down as chairs; after six years, a new term was not possible for them. We cannot thank them enough for what they did. They were both very enthusiastic and efficient chairs, and PCR prospered during their ‘reign’. They steered us very successfully through the renewal process in 2005. PCR sessions were increasingly better attended, and we had a record amount of paper proposals in 2008. The name change in 2007 from Person, Culture and Religion to Psychology, Culture and Religion indeed seems to have worked: it makes more clear what PCR is about, and people do find us quicker. Pam and Kathleen, thanks so much!!

It is no easy task to take over from such successful predecessors… But we will do our utmost best. Besides aiming to keep the upward trend of the last years, we would like to get PCR still more known and present in the AAR. Further, this is an important time for us to further clarify our identity as a group. For example, while there is consensus about PCR remaining faithful to its psychodynamic foundations, we will need to give further attention to how we as a group creatively engage other areas of research and practice.    

Anyhow, we don’t need to do this alone: we could not do it without our terrific steering committee. As we took over as chairs, there were two open slots for new steering committee members. We are very happy that Phillis Sheppard and Eileen Campbell-Reed were elected and are bringing in their valuable expertise to PCR. Elsewhere in this newsletter, they present themselves. Further, Felicity Kelcourse’s term was up. Many thanks for your involved serving on the committee, Felicity!

We are looking forward a lot to work with the new steering committee, and we are very open for suggestions and new ideas.

Hetty Zock & Kirk Bingaman
PCR Co-Chairs

New Steering
Committee Members

Phillis Sheppard: Phillis Isabella Sheppard is Associate Professor at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, and teaches practical theologies, pastoral counseling and psychology of culture and religion. She is a psychoanalyst having trained at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, and maintains a private practice. Prior to training in psychoanalysis, she completed training at the Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago. Her research and writing is in the intersection of psychoanalytic self psychology, black women's experience of religion and Womanist Thought, and she is currently at work on a Womanist Practical Theology.

Eileen Campbell-Reid: (In her own words:) I have accepted a position as the Associate Director of the "Learning Pastoral Imagination" (LPI) Project and Research Faculty at Luther Seminary. However, we will not be moving to St. Paul, MN. I will be doing the job from Nashville, TN and traveling a good bit to five cities (St. Paul, Nashville, NYC, Austin and Seattle) where the project takes place over the next 4 1/2 years. The project is a Lilly Endowment funded study of how pastors learn to do their work over time and will include following recent seminary graduates annually, as well as interviewing experienced pastors (more at the link below). The director of the project is Christian Scharen, who recently moved from Yale to Luther and teaches liturgics & ethics. The traveling is intense in the initial weeks and months. I am currently in St. Paul for a week. The schedule will let up to a couple of brief trips per month during the academic year. I'm very excited about the job! It is a great fit for my research skills and vocational commitments. It will not immediately include teaching at Luther, but I'm already teaching this spring semester. The course is "Counseling Ministries of the Church" for Central Baptist Theological Seminary at their Murfreesboro, TN campus. I will likely teach about once a year for Luther. More on the LPI Project.

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News from PCR Members

Matthias Beier will join the faculty at Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana, in July 2009 as Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling. He will also direct the MA in Psychotherapy and Faith at CTS. In November 2008, Matthias spoke at the invitation of Julia Kristeva in Jerusalem on the psychodynamics of Christian fundamentalism at the first conference, titled "This Unbelievable Need to Believe": A Standing Interdisciplinary Forum: Psychoanalysis, Belief and Religious Conflicts. The event was co-sponsored by the Freud Center for Psychoanalytic Studies and Research at Hebrew University and the Israel Psychoanalytic Society. It was held at the historic Mishkenot Sha'nanim Center, from Nov. 20-21, 2008. A link to a video of Beier's presentation is available online at

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Conferences in Europe in 2009

Hetty Zock would like to draw your attention to two conferences in Europe that may be of particular interest to PCR members:

Conference of the IAPR
August 23-27 2009
Vienna, Austria

This is the biannual conference of the IAPR ((International Association for the Psychology of Religion), where psychologists of religion from Europe (and increasingly those from other parts of the world too) meet. An excellent occasion to see what is going on in psychology of religion.

October 1 2008: Start of Call for Papers and Registration
March 1 2009: Deadline Call for Papers
May 1 2009: Notification of Acceptance of Papers, Panels and Posters
July 1 2009: Deadline for Registration

For more information see: http://www.iapr.at.vu/

Prophetic Care
and Counselling
August 20-25
Louvain, Belgium

This conference is organized by the ECPCC (The European Council for Pastoral Care and Counselling) and the Academic Centre for Practical Theology of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

About the theme:
Many religions have a history of prophecy that continually changed the relationship among people and between people and God for the better. How can we be prophetic or act prophetic in our society and work environment today? Prophetic pastoral care and counseling is directed towards a better future. The conference aims to explore prophetic pastoral care and counseling through lectures based on exegesis, psychology of religion, philosophy of language, pastoral and practical theology, liberation and contextual theology, and reflections on spirituality, art, discussions, field trips, workshops…

January 15 2009: Deadline Call for Papers
February 15 2009: Notification of Acceptance of Papers, Workshops and Posters
August 1 2009: Full text for conference book is due (if proposal is accepted)
September 30 2009: Revised text is due. The book will be published in 2010.

For more information, see: www.ecpcc.info


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Reflections on the Red Books

In response to a question about his thoughts and feelings after sharing the DVD version of "Red Books" with the PCR group at the 2008 annual AAR meeting in Chicago, Greg Schneider (Pacific Union College) has these reflections to offer:

I can say that it was gratifying, by means of our presentation on the “Red Books” play, to bridge the two worlds I live in: the world of professional Religious Studies, and the world of my peculiar sectarian subculture of American Seventh-day Adventism. I’m grateful for the interest of my PCR colleagues in this project, and pleased especially that I could share the AAR and PCR worlds with my colleague Mei Ann Teo, who had a great time in Chicago and at the AAR Annual Meeting. I was also proud to show her off and watch her capture her audience. I was also pleased and enlightened by the way the play seemed to illustrate some of the central theoretical insights of Mourning Religion, the new collection edited by Diane Jonte-Pace and William Parsons that was the subject of the book panel earlier in the Friday pre-session. Indeed, one of our steering committee members confessed that prior to our presentation on the play, she just “didn’t get it” about this mourning religion thing. After the presentation the light dawned for her. Drama as experiential learning—Glad to share it with colleagues and friends.


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Psychology and Biblical Studies Section

Planning to be at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, November 21-24, 2009 in New Orleans, LA? We invite paper proposals on the theme Psychological Perspectives on the Historical Jesus. Papers might propose psychological approaches to understanding Jesus, critique previous psychological interpretations of Jesus, or examine how contemporary readers relate to Jesus.

There will be book review sessions on Fraser Watts, ed., Jesus and Psychology (2007) and Donald Capps, Jesus the Village Psychiatrist (2008). We also invite any proposals for papers that address Biblical texts, themes, figures and/or readers using the concepts and interpretive tools of any field of psychology. Contact Chair D. Andrew Kille at psybibs@att.net or the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting site. Paper proposals much be submitted online at the Society of Biblical Literature site. You must be an SBL member and log in with your member number. More information at the Psybibs website.

Call For Papers Closes February 28,2009


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Thanks to Our Members

Those who have paid dues for the `08-`09 year include: Bill Barnard, Kathleen Bishop, Lucy Bregman, Kelly Bulkeley, Eileen Campbell-Reid, Carrie Doehring, Kathleen Greider, James Higginbotham, Andrea Hollingsworth, JoEllen Hosler, Mary Huie-Jolly, James Jones, Kathryn Ann Jones, Felicity Kelcourse, Bonnie Miller-McLemore, Nicole Phillips, Chris Ross, Elizabeth Smith, Phillis Sheppard, Storm Swain, Kate Wiebe, Hetty Zock.

Membership dues in PCR support resources for audio-visual equipment at the Annual Meeting. These costs, imposed by the host city hotels, have been increasing steadily over the past several years. Feel the warm glow of knowing that you're helping to enhance PCR sessions, subsidize grad students' attendance at the PCR dinner and to distribute PCR-related information to scholars, clinicians, and clergy members interested in our work.

$25.00 Regular Membership; $15.00 Student Membership (with copy of student ID). Checks should be payable to Psychology, Culture, & Religion Group. Send to: Kelly Bulkeley, Secretary/Treasurer, 226 Amherst Avenue, Kensington CA 94708; E-mail: kellybulkeley@earthlink.net

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