Psychology, Culture & Religion Group
American Academy of Religion
Annual Meeting San Diego,
November 21-25, 2014

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Friday, November 21, 2014

1:30‐3:00 PM
The Ecology of Spirituality

3:15 - 4:15 PM
Depth Psychology and Black Church/Religion

5:00 - 6:30 PM
Honoring the Work
of Ann Belford Ulanov

7:00 - 9:30 PM
PCR Dinner

Saturday, November 22, 2014

9:00 am-11:30 AM
Business Meeting/Works in Progress

Saturday, November 22, 2014
1:00 - 3:30 PM
Mindfulness, Contemplation, and the Clinic: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Sunday, November 23, 2014
5:00 - 6:30 PM
Rethinking Chaplaincy
in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Joint session with
Religions, Medicines, and Healing Group



Fri., Nov. 21
1:30 - 3:00 PM

Ballroom A

Panel Discussion of Lucy Bregman's The Ecology of Spirituality: Practice and Virtues in a Post-Religious Age (Baylor University Press, 2014)


Kelly Bulkeley, Graduate Theological Union
Christopher F. J. Ross, Wilfrid Laurier University


Lucy Bregman, Temple University

Fri., Nov. 21
3:15 -4:45 PM

Ballroom A

Depth Psychology and Black Church/Religion: Creative Appropriations, Continuing Challenges and Future Directions

Gregory Ellison, Emory University, and
Phillis Isabella Sheppard, Vanderbilt University, Presiding


Stephanie Crumpton, Lancaster Theological Seminary
Danjuma Gibson, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary
Raynard Daniel Smith, New Brunswick Theological Seminary
Chanequa Walker-Barnes, McAfee School of Theology

Fri., Nov. 21
5:00 -6:30 PM
Ballroom A

Honoring the Work of Ann Belford Ulanov

Felicity Brock Kelcourse, Christian Theological Seminary, Presiding


Lisa M. Cataldo, Fordham University
James W. Jones, Rutgers University
Storm Swain, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia


Ann Ulanov, Union Theological Seminary

Fri., Nov. 21
7:00 PM

PCR Dinner: It is our annual custom to go out to dinner together on Friday evening. Graduate students are especially invited to join us; we'll even pay half your cost for dinner!

La Fiesta Restaurant
628 Fifth Avenue, San Diego

Sat., Nov. 22
9:00 -11:30 AM

Convention Center 28D

Works in Progress and Business Meeting

Hetty Zock, University of Groningen, Presiding

Discussion of current research interests and projects, followed by the business meeting.

Business Meeting:

Kirk A. Bingaman, Fordham University
Hetty Zock, University of Groningen

Main Sessions

Sat., Nov. 22
1:00 -3:30 PM

Hilton Bayfront-
Sapphire E

Mindfulness, Contemplation, and the Clinic:
Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Hetty Zock, University of Groningen, Presiding

The use of contemplative practices like mindfulness is increasingly common in the contemporary United States. Meditational practices have come to be seen as therapeutics helpful for nearly every aspect of life in large part because of their perceived success in psychotherapy. This panel explores contemporary clinical usages of contemplative practices in general and mindfulness in particular from diverse interdisciplinary perspectives. The presenters draw on a wide variety of resources and methodological approaches including historical and theoretical analysis, ethnographic and neuroscientific research, and actual clinical and pastoral experience. They investigate core questions like:

  • What is the relationship between therapeutic mindfulness and mindfulness practices in religious traditions generally and Buddhist traditions specifically?
  • By what historical and socio-cultural processes did mindfulness and other contemplative practices come to be employed clinically?
  • How valid are critiques of the decontextualization of mindfulness from traditional religious frameworks?


Kirk A. Bingaman, Fordham University
Ira Helderman, Vanderbilt University
Ann Gleig, University of Central Florida
David McMahan, Franklin and Marshall College

Sun., Nov 23
1:00 - 2:30 pm
Convention Center 9

Psychological and Sociological Perspectives
on Multiple Religious Identities

Joint session with Religion and the Social Sciences Section

Pamela Cooper-White, Columbia Theological Seminary, Presiding

The session focuses on multiple religious identities, through the application of psychological perspectives, comparative cross-cultural analysis, scientific research of social and cognitive processes, and field research of spiritual values and religious practices.

Ryan Williams, University of Cambridge
Religious Hybridity Reconsidered:
Social and Cognitive Processes in Interfaith Contact

Dennis Kelley, University of Missouri
The Red Road to Sobriety:
American Indian Approaches to Healing from Alcohol Addiction

Myounghun Yun, Vanderbilt University
Cultivating the Self:
A Comparative Inquiry into Kohutian and Neo-Confucian Selfhood


Sun., Nov 23
5:00 -6:30 PM

Convention Center 33B

Rethinking Chaplaincy in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Joint session with Religions, Medicines, and Healing Group

Eileen Campbell-Reed, Luther Seminary, Presiding

The three papers in this session raise questions about the cultural and religious assumptions behind contemporary models of healthcare chaplaincy and chaplaincy education, in light of Buddhist perspectives and experiences of cultural trauma that affect the potential for healing.

Daijaku Judith Kinst, Graduate Theological Union
Revisioning Chaplaincy:
Contributions from Buddhist Chaplaincy Graduate Education

Andre van der Braak, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
The Rise of Buddhist Chaplaincy in an Interfaith Context, and its Implications for the Reframing and Revising of Clinical Pastoral Education

Beth Glover, Fordham University
Shaking the Foundations: Reimagining Clinical Pastoral Education in Light of Personal and Cultural Trauma in a Global Society


Curtis W. Hart, Weill Cornell Medical College