Annual Meetings

PCR is a group of the American Academy of Religion, and each year sponsors regular sessions at the AAR Annual Meeting in November, along with special sessions during the day preceeding the regular meetings, which include a session on "Works in Progress," in which group members and friends describe their current research projects.

Information about upcoming and previous Annual meetings can be found by following the links below.

2015: November 20-24, Atlanta

    • Psychological and Religious Perspectives on Moral Injury
    • Asian/Asian American Issues and Perspectives in Pastoral Theology: The Intersections of Culture and Care
    • Documentary: Serving Life 
    • New Studies in Religion and Psychology
  • Cross-Cultural and Cognitive Approaches to Changes in Sense of Self
    (Joint session with Religion and the Social Sciences Section and Cognitive Science of Religion Group)
  • Help, Harm, or Resistance? Psychological and Religious Practices of Caregiving in a Neo-Liberal Society
  • Healing Between Religion and the Secular in North America
    (Joint session with North American Religions Section and Healing Group and Secularism and Secularity Group)
  • Society Without God? "Existential Health" and Alternative Frameworks for Meaning-Making

2014: November 21-25, San Diego

    • Book panel: Ecology of Spirituality
    • Depth Psychology and Black Church
    • Honoring Work of Ann Ulanov
  • Mindfulness, Contemplation, and the Clinic: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • Rethinking Chaplaincy in Cross-Cultural Perspective
    (Joint session with Religions, Medicines, and Healing Group )

2013: November 22-26, Baltimore

    • L'Arche At Fifty Years: Disability, Personhood, and Transformation
    • Visionaries: Outsider Art, Psychology, and Religion
  • Healing and Therapeutic Practices Unmoored from Religious Origins
  • Religious Experiences Through the Senses
  • Psychological Perspectives on Silence in Religion and Religious Practices

2012: November 16-20, Chicago

    • Beyond A Dangerous Method: Sabina Spielrein’s Influence on Jung, Freud and Piaget
    • Teaching Jung: AAR Teaching Religious Studies Series
  • Spirituality in a (Post) Secular Age: European and North-American Perspectives
  • Religious and Psychological Responses to the Decline of Empires
    (Co-sponsored with Religion, Memory, History Group)
  • Kohutian and Contemporary Self-Psychological Approaches in the Psychology of Religion

2011: November 19 - 22, San Francisco

    • The Friendship between Sigmund Freud and Oskar Pfister as Seen in the Correspondence between the Jewish Atheist Founder of Psychoanalysis and the Swiss Pastor who Pioneered Pastoral Psychology
    • Centrality, Marginality, and Intercultural Dynamics in Psychology and Religion
    • Intersections of Meditation Practice with Theories and Theologies of Personhood and Clinical Practice Presenters
  • Evolutionary Psychology and Primate Studies: What has Religion Got to Do with It?
  • Mourning the American Dream: Psychological and Religious Dimensions of the Sociocultural Malaise
  • Book Panel: Jeremy R. Carrette's Religion and Critical Psychology: Religious Experience in the Knowledge Economy (Routledge, 2007)

2010: October 29 - November 1, Atlanta, GA

    • Psychological and Religious Perspectives on Southern Cultures and Sensibilities
    • Jung’s Red Book: Explorations at the Edge of Genius and Madness
    • On Jung’s Red Book: Mandala Meditation
  • "Who am I Anyway?":
    Psychological and Religious Perspectives on Identity
  • The Wounding and Survival of the Religious Self:
    Psychoanalytical, Theological, and Intergenerational Perspectives
    on Trauma
  • Book Panel on James W. Jones's Blood that Cries Out from the Earth: The Psychology of Religious Terrorism

2009: November 7-10, Montréal, Canada

    • Schisms: Exploring the Psycho-Social Dynamics of Intra-Religious Conflicts in Three Communities
    • Vampires, Desire, Girls, and God: Twilight and the Spiritualities of Adolescent Girls
    • Psychological and Religious Reflections on the Twilight Book Series and Film
  • 100 Years of Psychoanalysis in North America
  • French Psychoanalytic Reflections on Religion and Culture

2008: November 1-3, Chicago, IL

  • After 9/11: Psychological and Religious Reflections on Terror and Anxiety
  • Psychologies and/of Race

2007: November 15-20, San Diego, CA

  • Multiplicity I: Multiple Selves and Subjects in Psychological and Theological Perspective
  • Multiplicity II: Pluralism, Hybridity, and Multiple Subjectivities in Context
  • Moral Imagination and Ecology

2006: November 17-21, Washington, DC

  • Embodied Religious Practices in Psychological Perspective
  • Joint Session:
    Black Theology Group & Person, Culture and Religion Group
  • Spiritual Care in Diverse Cultural Contexts

2005: November 18-22, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • The Psychodynamics of Religious Violence
  • Transformation in Wesleyan Traditions
  • The Psychology of Anomalous Experience and the Nonunitary Self

2004: November 19-23, San Antonio, Texas

  • Spirituality: Psychology? Religion? Both? Neither? Part I: Issues of practice
  • Spirituality: Psychology? Religion? Both? Neither? Part II: Issues of philosophy and history
  • Co-sponsored with Religion and the Social Sciences Section:
    Narrative Methods in Psychology and Religion

2003: November 21-25, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Psyche, Soul and Self
  • Practicing Theory and Theorizing Practice

2002: November 22-26, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Critical Dialogue between Religion and Evolutionary Psychology
  • Celebrating the Centennial of William James's Varieties of Religious Experience- Joint Session with Mysticism Group
  • The Centennial of William James's Varieties of Religious Experience: Continuing the Discussion

2001: November 16-20, Denver, Colorado

  • Evolutionary Psychology and Religion
  • Kohutian Psychology and Religion