Person Culture and Religion Group:
25+ year Bibliography

This list includes only books, chapters, and articles that began as presentations before the Person, Culture, and Religion Group (earlier known as the Working Group for Psycho-Social Interpretations in Theology). This group has been a continuous program unit of the American Academy of Religion, although members voted to change its name 1981. Entries are arranged chronologically by year in sections following the review periods for the group. Within years entries are arranged alphabetically by author.

This bibliography is followed by a list of PCR sessions devoted to discussing books written by PCR members.


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A Chronology of PCR Panel Discussions of Books Written by PCR Members

1980. Homans, Peter Jung in Context, University of Chicago Press.

1981. Browning, Don Pluralism and Personality: William James and Some Contemporary Cultures of Psychology, Bushnell University Press.

1982. Van Herik, Judith Freud on Femininity and Faith, University of California Press.

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1987. Conn, Walter Christian Conversion: A Developmental Interpretation of Autonomy and Surrender, Paulist.

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1998. Browning, Don et al. Religion and the American Family Debate: From Culture Wars to Common Ground, Westminster John Knox.

1999. Watkins Ali, Carroll Survival and Liberation: Pastoral Theology in African-American Context, Chalice.

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